catkin env – Environment Utility

The env verb can be used to both print the current environment variables and run a command in a modified environment. This verb is supplied as a cross-platform alternative to the UNIX env command or the cmake -E environment command. It is primarily used in the build stage command reproduction.

Full Command-Line Interface

usage: catkin env [-h] [-i] [-s] [NAME=VALUE ...] [COMMAND] [ARG ...]

Run an arbitrary command in a modified environment.

positional arguments:
  NAME=VALUE            Explicitly set environment variables for the
                        subcommand. These override variables given to stdin.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -i, --ignore-environment
                        Start with an empty environment.
  -s, --stdin           Read environment variable definitions from stdin.
                        Variables should be given in NAME=VALUE format,
                        separated by null-bytes.

  COMMAND               Command to run. If omitted, the environment is printed
                        to stdout.
  ARG                   Arguments to the command.